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Only francophone daycare facility in the city of Airdrie

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Le Centre préscolaire et parascolaire Les Petits Pieds holds a unique and essential position within the community of Airdrie. As the only francophone daycare and preschool program in the city, le CPPLPP provides an exceptional opportunity for families to access a stimulating and enriching educational francophone environment for their children.

Led with dedication and expertise, the establishment is committed to promoting bilingualism and providing a quality educational setting. Le CPPLPP contributes to preserving and strengthening the francophone culture within the community, offering a valuable alternative for parents seeking to immerse their children in an environment where the French language is valued and celebrated.

Beyond its role as a daycare and preschool program, le CPPLPP plays a central role in building a supportive community. Children not only benefit from quality education but also from a space where they can grow to understand and appreciate the richness of the French language and culture.

Thanks to its commitment to educational excellence and its unique status as the only francophone option for daycare and preschool in Airdrie, le Centre préscolaire et parascolaire Les Petits Pieds holds a privileged position in the educational landscape of the region. It contributes not only to the academic development of children but also helps build the francophone identity of the city.


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